Mercury project data

Types of Instruction: 

  • Data Activity, Data Interpretation, Data Practice, Data Work, Graph Work


  • 9+


  • Earth Science, Life Science


  • Analyzing and interpreting data, Asking questions, Constructing explanations, Energy and Matter in Systems, Engaging in argument from evidence, Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems, Patterns, Weather and Climate

Statistical Concepts: 

  • Correlation, Group comparison, Proportions, Question, Evidence, Claim, Reasoning, Statistical questions, Time series, Variability


  • analyzing data, argument, asking questions, Asking statistical questions, Comparing groups, Correlations, Describing variability, formulating hypotheses, Graph choice, graphing data, interpreting data, organizing data, playing with data, representing data, thinking about patterns, Time series, using math in science

Graph Types: 

  • Bar graph, Box plot, Dot plot, Frequency plot, Histogram, Line graph, Modified Box Plot, Scatter plot, Time series
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